Pest Control DIY – Cockroaches and Ants

Johnson Group Pest Control DIY: SafePRO® Cockroach Bait Gel & Ant Gel

Pest Control DIY – Cockroaches and Ants

It is always safer to use baiting over pesticide because traditional water-based insecticides tend to leave chemical residues in the environment, which may cause skin irritation or airway allergy. Some pest exterminators may suggest you to have a “fumigation” service to kill cockroaches & ants, but the fact is, this so called “fumigation” not only fails to eliminate cockroaches & ants thoroughly but also creates pesticide overdose. Not to mention certain pesticides even contain ingredients that may have a fatal effect on pets.

SafePRO® Cockroach Bait Gel

  • Safe to use
  • Easy to use; simply apply spot treatment in the cracks and crevices
  • Substantial decrease in cockroach population in 3 weeks
  • Effective against gel bait-averse cockroaches
  • Made in Korea
SafePRO® Cockroach Bait Gel

SafePRO® Ant Gel

  • Very safe and odourless
  • Easy to use; simply apply sport treatment in the crack and crevice
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, including kitchens, meat and poultry plants, food processing areas and other sensitive areas like hospitals, nursing homes and kids’ rooms
  • Made in Korea
SafePRO® Ant Gel

Eliminate the Entire Cockroach & Ant Harborages

SafePRO® Cockroach Bait Gel and SafePRO® Ant Gel contain a slow-acting insecticide incorporated into a food attractant. Once cockroaches and ants locate and feed on the bait, they will return to their harborage with the bait which also kills other roaches and ants after being expelled in the sputum and feces. Eventually, all the cockroaches and ants in the harborage will die and the infestation will be contained.

  1. Simply apply spot treatment on where cockroaches and ants nest or forage
  2. Cockroaches and ants locate and feed on the bait
  3. Cockroaches and ants return to their harborage with the bait
  4. Intoxicated cockroaches and ants die
  5. Non-exposed roaches will succumb after indirectly ingesting the bait expelled in the sputum and feces of exposed cockroaches and ants.
  6. The entire cockroach and ant population will die eventually

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