Littles Bees in the Forbidden Place

Recently there was a group of bees, just like Miguel in the film “Coco”, found at an ancestors’ resting place, happily collecting nectar. Unfortunately, the location where the bees live is very near to a big drainage channel, they could be in danger when the rain flushes in during spring and summer.

We went up to the hillside near Tseung Kwan O together with a local beekeeper to save the bees and the entire process was a success. Yet the local beekeeper, Mr. Wong said that these little bees are actually quite week and small, so even after they were brought home, he still has to feed them with honey and pollen for about a year before the bees can go out and collect nectar on their own.

If you find any beehives near where you live or work, don’t hesitate, contact us ASAP!

“Save Local Bees” Conservation Program

“Save Local Bees” was created on April 2018 by Johnson Group. Our program not only aims at saving the bees and their population, but also the shrinking fast beekeeping industry in Hong Kong. It is in the community interest to provide bees with that protection, as a balanced ecosystem will benefit all living organisms, in particular, humans.

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Corporate Partners

For more than a decade, Johnson Group has been working very hard to ensure that insects or wildlife and their habitats are conserved while preparing any pest management or cleaning programs. At Johnson Group, we’re very pleased to work with any organizations that want to take responsibility to care and protect nature, in particular, bees. If you would like to contribute to this conservation program, please get in touch with us anytime.

  • Receive a Certificate of Conservation
  • Uplift image and implement corporate social responsibility
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Individual Sponsorship

Purchase Honey to support “Save Local Bees” Conservation Program

With your sponsorship, you will be helping us to relocate one beehive for free. With your support, we rid bees from killing by other pest control companies or poisoning by toxic pesticides – all with an aim to give bees a new home.

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