This test aims to determine the level of contamination of house dust mites on home textiles (e.g. mattresses, sofas & carpets etc.).

House dust mites

House dust mites are tiny, but their effect on some people is huge. The allergic reaction of affected people is initiated by the excretion of the house dust mites. House dust mites can be found in any homes, they feed on dead skin which we all shed regularly. Even with a high sanitation environment, dust mites still can be found from mattresses, pillows, sofas and carpets.

Where should I test?

Samples will be taken from up to 5 fabric items, suggested testing locations include…
  • Mattresses
  • Pillows
  • Sofas
  • Carpets

Testing equipment

We adopt Acarex® Test to perform colour reaction test. We use allergy vacuum cleaner to collect dust samples and the contamination of house dust mites will be shown by the color change on test strips. The test provides quick, clearly defined and reliable test results.

Colour indications

  • Orange: Heavy
  • Pink: Moderate
  • Pale Pink: Mild
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